Student Club Night

There is something straight about a student’s life. It is not easy being a student and having to keep a social life in full flow all at the same time while living in London. While the city of London has been regarded by a lot of party goers as being pretty expensive, there are a good number of student-friendly bars that offer a great night out without the need of spending too much money. In other words, student club nights are those types of clubs that promise to deliver the best night out but for a few bucks. Here is a brief guide to some of the best student night club in London:

Shaka Zulu

This is one of the best and most frequented student club nights in London. If you happen to visit the club, you will be greeted with 20ft high warrior statues, an escalator that whisks you between different floors, and an impressive champagne bar. Shaka Zulu is one of the best options for students willing to party all night as the club play music such as RnB, commercial house, and club anthems that resonate well with students.

Corsica Studios

Colleges and universities are arguably one of the most experimental times in the life of a student. Another club that adds to this experiment is the Corsica Studios. With over 10 years of service, the club has developed into being awarded as one of the best venues for students to have fun. Corsica is known for offering one of the best-varied music performances that almost suit everybody.

The Old Blue Last

This is another student club night that is mainly frequented by students undertaking their studies in several learning institutions across London. This club is a hotspot for a sizeable number of students as it regularly hosts some gigs from both the DJ’s and other talented acts. There is an option for students to play live music and gauge whether they are ready to record an album or not. For over 10 years that the club has been in service, artists such as The Arctic Monkeys, Charlie XCX, and Kylie Minogue have been hosted here.

The Social

This is another popular club that has always been a favourite joint for students for more than 20 years now. With a free Wi-Fi and a cyber cafe upstairs, students can catch up with their college work during the day.