Strip Clubs

A strip club is a venue that comprise of performers or entertainers who dance while removing their clothes bit by bit. A good number of strip clubs double up as bars which serve alcoholic drinks. Exotic dancers have been known to hold some sense of intense fascination for a good number of people in the society. In our modern cultural imagination, strippers have always represented secrecy, a transgression of taboos, and some sense eroticism, an aspect that has accorded strip clubs their allure to men and women alike. A good number of cities, London included have some strip clubs that are frequented by a sizeable number of people. Here is a breakdown of some of the best strip clubs in London:

The Red Rooms Gentleman’s Club

This is one of London’s top strip clubs that is located a few metres from Holborn station. The Red Rooms Gentleman’s Club lies at the epicentre of the city’s vibrant West End and in the years that they have been in service, they have always provided an unforgettable and exciting night to its customers. The club has three floors that are full of stripping booths, and private spaces that offer clients an unforgettable experience.


This is another strip club that is located in Marylebone lane consisting of table dancing and 3 stage poles. Sophisticats has a retro-styled venue where strippers get to perform their act, whether it is in a private area full of customers or a VIP booth where high-end clients have the opportunity of enjoying private and personal fun in a silent and relaxed atmosphere.

The Gaslight of St James’s

This is one of the best gentleman’s clubs that has lately gained a lot of popularity in London. This strip club is located just half a mile away from the Buckingham Palace and boasts of having dancers who are the best in business as a good number of them have previously won awards in dancing careers. This club will not disappoint especially if you want to entertain your friends while being surrounded by gorgeous ladies

For Your Eyes Only

This strip club is located in the financial district of London and has remained to be the largest capacity strip club in London. Here, clients can enjoy more than 20 VIP suites, and full nude and topless dancers entertaining them. This is a perfect venue for stag/hen parties.