Online Casino Nederland Invest In New Luxury Club is known for our list that includes the most exclusive and luxurious clubs in the city of London. We are happy to announce that very soon a new and interesting hotspot will be added to our directory of night clubs! As your number one source when it comes to the best and ultimate locations in London, we at are always working very hard to give you the latest updates and newest developments. From luxury clubs to amazing strip clubs, our goal is to never disappoint any of your request. Rumours said that a new out-of-the-box type of club will be opening in London around the second quarter of this year. A Dutch gambling company called Online Casino Nederland partnered up with Samuel Harley, one of the most successful club owner from the United Kingdom. Together they are working on an entire new concept that soon will be launched on social media. Harley already announced that the drawings and digital visualizations of the design will be finalized by the end of this month.

Once again, Harley decided to collaborate with the design and architecture agency called DesignZ. This company is known for their previous successful projects such as Sketch and the Trailer Happiness. Their unique signature will be translated in the new concept that Harley and Online Casino Nederland developed, which sounds like a great fit. DesignZ is one of the most popular design studios that is specialized in nightclubs and entertainment hotspots. CEO of Online Casino Nederland recently announced his collaboration with Harley on social media. On Twitter he posted a tweet that mentioned Harley and DesignZ and how contented he was about this new project. Even though the words are out, both parties are still mysterious about the project and the concept of this new club. knows for a fact that it will be a club with multiple areas, including a big and exclusive VIP section. We’ve also heard that the theme of this club will be inspired by neon and tropical vibes, which is really exciting. Neon elements, dark jungles and the best DJ performances; talking about an out-of-the-box place to be! also discovered that this new club will be focusing on all different kind of audiences. This is something we’re really excited about, since we believe that clubs in London should be more general and accessible for any kind of clubber. Harley mentioned earlier in an interview that he would like to open a club that could function as a community hotspot. This means that we can finally expect a nightclub with a variety of people. Besides offering drinks in a regular bar, Harley also said that he is planning to integrate a special liquor bar. This is also something we haven’t seen before which instantly makes this club very unique. For now, a lot of details are still unclear to us. As soon as we receive more information or details we will post it on our social media channels and website. Stay tuned for more headlines, nightclub news and recent developments!