Best Clubs

Are you in London and in search of the best clubs to have fun either alone or with friends? There hundreds of bars in the city that you can visit for fun and relaxation purposes. Here is a rundown of some of the best clubs in London:

Trailer Happiness

Would you like to time travel back to the unforgettable groovy 70’s? A visit at Trailer Happiness, one of the best cocktail bars in London will offer you with such an experience. The staff working here are pure mixologists who are specialized in providing you with true rum classics and performing fire shows with experienced DJs who will make your night fun.

Kensington Roof Gardens

This is another sky-high joint club where polished and posh come to see and get seen as they eat and dance their night away. Here, your adrenaline will run high as you witness live percussionists beating their drums in sync with the club bangers of the DJ. You may also want to enjoy a breather in the clubs namesake garden that contains more than 500 plant species, flamingos, and Spanish fountains.


If you are in London, this is another club that you cannot fail to visit. The Sketch has some huge mind-boggling tea and coffee rooms that somehow seem to represent or completely conjure an Alice in Wonderland of the future. If you want to sip funky cocktails and mingle with other people around a circular bar, then the Sketch is the place to be. If you happen to visit their bathrooms, you will be amazed by their toilets that are solely encapsulated in egg pods that will leave you wondering whether they were borrowed from the gallery of another universe. If you want the best nightlife in London, the Sketch is a must-visit for you.

Happiness Forgets

This is one of the best nightclubs that has managed to stand the test time while continuing to offer exceptional craft cocktails over the years. The secret to the clubs survival is not only drinks that are strong, expertly mixed, and sophisticated concoctions but also the atmosphere or the ambience of the club. Happiness Forget candlelit basement and its lack of signage offers this bar an exclusive air. The next time you want to have expertly mixed cocktail, pay a visit to Happiness Forget nightclub located at the epicentre of East London.