Bonbonniere Club

high-end exclusive private members club that is elegant and chic.

Happiness Forgets

One of the best nightclubs that has managed to stand the test time while continuing to offer exceptional craft cocktails over the years

For Your Eyes Only, Strip Club

This strip club is located in the financial district of London and has remained to be the largest capacity strip club in London.


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London is known for having some of the biggest, most iconic places to club in the world. On this website you will find our recommended top picks for the city’s best clubs of this current year.

London is a big city that is approximately 1,572 km2. In all the cities across Europe, London is the third largest one, and 32nd regarding its population capacity. As of 2017, the population of London was estimated to be slightly more than 10,549,000. Among all these people, there are those who like visiting nightclubs, strip clubs, and other cocktail bars to relax after a long day at work.

However, one problem exists; finding a good club in London that offers total enjoyment is lately beginning to become a problem. Despite London being known for its nightlife, ranging from its restaurants to best clubs and top bars in London, finding the best spots to soak up the fun is lately becoming difficult.

We at realized the above trends, and immediately devised a way of helping people on how they can stop getting lost in a sea of clubs, bars and venues within the capital, some which may be below the expected standard of customers. We noticed that visitors to London and tourists touring the capital were having a hard time locating a nice night out clubbing venues within the city with a good number of them opting to club at their nearest bars and clubs.

We could not sit down and let this situation go for long. We felt it was time to find a way to help people searching for the best places to enjoy their night out. It is then that we decided to develop a website ( to help people identify the best nightclubs, strip clubs, and bars to have fun till dawn.

Do you fancy karaoke? Do you enjoy the thrill of singing your popular song into a microphone over some pre-recorded backing tracks in the background at night? Are you gay or lesbian and you would like to have fun with your partner at night over a glass of beer while being entertained by a lively DJ? Are strip clubs places where you derive much of your fun at night? Are you having a difficult time locating such locations in London? You have come to right place.

We at did realize that a lot of people were having difficulties locating such places in London. Our website will save you from such difficulties. We have realized that there are people who prefer nightclubs that play rock only. There are those who prefer nightclubs that play house music while serving certain types of dishes.

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We have a wide list of bars and other hotspots in London where you can visit and have a night to remember.